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Why You Need to Groom Your Dog


Why You Need to Groom Your Dog

For many of us, we like to see our dogs as our family members. It is not uncommon for us to refer to them as our “babies!” It’s true, our dogs are family members and we need to keep them healthy and happy. That’s why grooming is so important. In some ways, we should think of it like grooming ourselves. We shampoo and condition as well as brush our hair to keep it healthy and presentable. We also start teaching our children how to “groom” themselves when they are very young. Let’s apply some of these principles to our dogs.

Training from Puppyhood

Some of us take our doggies to the groomer or we choose to DIY at home. The concept to take away here is that we want to train our pups as early as possible to be calm under this pressure. This helps keep their anxiety down as well as prevent injuries for them, us, or the groomers. They need to learn at a young age not to freak out or snap at us. We want to make this experience as pleasurable as possible for them, not something to be feared.

Unhealthy Coats Cause Illness

Just like our own haircare, we need to brush our dogs regularly. Yes, it helps the shedding but some dogs have long hair that will get matted and tangled if not brushed and this will cause skin infections and sores. Fleas and ticks love to hide in this hair as well. Depending on your dog’s breed, they may need a haircut as often as every four weeks. Even shorthaired coats need regular brushing to stimulate healthy skin and hair growth. The dead skin cells will be brushed off and generate new skin cells.

If the coats go unchecked, you may also be at risk of eye and ear infections. Especially floppy eared dogs, they are prone to more ear infections because the moisture gets trapped in the hair and ear folds causing a breeding ground for bacteria. The same goes for the area round the eyes. Always clean off the debris around the eyes and nose, look for discharge, odd colorations, and odors coming from the ears and face area.

Toenails & Teeth

Brushing your teeth is a daily requirement (we hope so!), so why wouldn’t we do this for our dog’s teeth? Regular, if not daily, teeth brushing will prevent the same diseases your pup that we are susceptible to: gingivitis, gum disease, tooth decay. These can all lead to abscesses, tooth loss, and most severe cases can cause infections that lead to death.

Unclipped toenails can dig into your pets paws, possibly embed themselves in the pads. This is very painful and can cause infections and even arthritis. These need to be regularly trimmed. This is another habit that is best taught in puppyhood as it causes anxiety for a lot of dogs. Start touch training your dog’s feet as early as possible so they build a tolerance to nail trimming which will decrease their stress.

As much as we love our pet and do as much as we can to keep them healthy, check with your personal vet on the best ways to groom your dog’s breed. These are general tips that we provide for you but we are not veterinary professionals.

But check back soon for more interesting posts and follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @docopet. Happy Holidays everyone!


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